Jody Poth

Jody (she/her) hails from the Seattle area and brings years of experience in all aerial forms (primarily cerceau) and duo/trio work (duo hoop, duo straps, duo trapeze and trio hammock). With a background in dance, eclectic influence such as flamenco and butoh, experimental theatre and flow-based movement arts – it’s true that Jody pays heed to her years of diverse training, engagements, and partnerships (locally and world-wide). Jody is largely self-trained but believes that you can always make progress as an athlete and an artist by 1) showing up! 2) having fun (and) 3) freeing your mind from the every-day. Notably, Jody has performed with Cirque Du Soleil at Sea with her aerial hoop duo, Duo Lumeria (2019-2020), as well as the Newcomer Show in Leipzig, Germany at the Krystallpalast Variete Theatre (2017) – landing an award with the famous Roncalli-Apollo Theatre. Jody has also placed 2nd within the Hoop Division at the Viva Fest aerial festival in Las Vegas, NV (2018). To date, Jody has been seen with local productions such as Moisture Festival, Valtesse, My Circus Valentine, Bellingham Showcase, Bellingham Circus Guild, Cirque Macabre, Zepto Space and in years past, The Cabiri (performative mythology troupe.) Currently, you can catch Jody at the Pink Door restaurant most Sundays in the infamous Pike Place Market, teaching upper-level lyra at Versatile Arts Aerial Studio (Phinney Ridge, Seattle), or virtually at of IG: @Jody Poth


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