New Moon Movement Arts’ youth program serves youth aged 11-17 years. Youth students with no prior aerial experience should start in our Youth Intro to Aerial class. Students with experience at another studio should contact us for a class placement assessment to determine which class level is most appropriate for them. We recommend everyone registering a child for a youth class join our youth program mailing list to stay informed on registration dates and deadlines and studio information.

In our youth program, students are introduced to aerial silks, trapeze, rope, lyra (hoop trapeze), and sling in Youth Intro to Aerial. After graduating from intro level, students can begin to specialize in one or several apparatuses. Classes marked “aerial” are typically mixed apparatus classes – usually silks, rope, and trapeze. “Vertical” classes use only what we refer to as vertical apparatuses – silks and ropes. Single apparatus classes will be marked with their apparatus name.

To register for class the first time:

  1. Fill out a release form for each student. This is an online release form; no need to print anything. It will automatically create an account for your student(s) in our system.
  2. Look for a VAMP New User Account confirmation email (sent from with information about how to log in to the registration system.
  3. Once your login is set up, click the “Register” button underneath the class you want to take.

The youth class level description are:

  • Intro – This is for brand new students; no prior experience is needed. Vertical graduation requirements from this level are solid basic and Russian climbs, safe and stable descents, solid footlocks in the air, straddle up from the ground with the ability to hold the position once inverted, and the ability to get into a sling or knotted fabric via double knee hook or pullover. Trapeze/lyra graduation requirements are the ability to mount the bar and come to sitting, pullover to hip hang, and the ability to hold a front balance position.
  • Level 1This is a beginner level class for students with some experience. Vertical graduation requirements are a solid straddle up from the ground (no feet tagging) and a reliable straddle up in the air (tagging a foot is ok), flying Dutchman, Rebecca splits, double footlocks, crossing fabrics behind the back, hiplock from a Russian climb, catcher’s wrap, and figure 8 wrap.
    Trapeze graduation requirements are pullover to hip hang, front balance, catchers, buttslap situp, standing balance sequence, gazelle, mermaid on bar, birds nest, half angel, candlestick.
    Sling graduation requirements include gazelle, diaper, front balance transitions, straddle-back to hip hang, diaper to hiplock, thigh rollup, bell beats, standing liana, and egg in the ropes
  • Level 2 – This is an intermediate level class for experienced students with a solid strength and skill foundation. Vertical graduation requirements are solid catcher’s sequence, clean scissor hip key, star drop, solid figure 8 wrap, salto, crossback straddle, solid single-rotation windmill, ability to straddle up in the air multiple times in a row, and the endurance to stay in the air for 2 minutes at a time.
    Trapeze graduation requirements are rock n roll, straddle back, splits under the bar, one-leg pop on, dragonfly, dragon catcher, foot flag, seated rollover, front balance to sitting, front balance to horse.
  • Level 3 – This is an advanced level class for highly experienced students. Graduation requirements are a straight arm, straight leg inversion, proficiency with basic beats (bell, front-back, turnpike, scissor, flair), solid windmills (multiple rotations) on both sides, double star, back salto, and zipper. At this time, students who meet the graduation requirements for this level and are interested in more challenging skills are encouraged to pursue private coaching.

Students move through the level progression at their own pace. Graduation skills require both technical aptitude and physical strength and we all grow at different rates. Each students’ journey will be their own, but these are some rough guidelines of how long students might expect to spend at each level.

  • Intro to Aerial: typically 2 sessions (4 months)
  • Level 1: typically around 1 year
  • Level 2: typically around 2 years
  • Level 3: students typically continue at this level until aging into our adult program

Other questions? We’re happy to answer them! Drop us a line!