In addition to our regular session and drop-in classes, we also often offer workshops, either by guest instructors or our own staff. Workshops offer the opportunity to delve deeply into a specific concept, or to work with a new instructor who may not often be available to you. Watch this space for upcoming workshops! 

Intermediate Lyra Sequencing with Dan Saab

This workshop covers the technical aspect of transitional movement and how to clean up the space between each trick. We will cover different sequences that focus on clean transitions for better lines and new trick vocabulary.

This is an intermediate level workshop.


Must be able to straddle invert and tuck or pike invert under the bar safely, cleanly, and without assistance.
Familiarity and comfort in traditional lyra poses including Mermaid, Amazon, and Backstraddle.

Friday, May 17th
7:15 – 9:15pm

Creative Exploration and Artistry for Aerialists with Kerri Kresinski

In this workshop, Kerri presents tools and exercises that help the aerialist discover new ways to move on their apparatus outside of the technical skills. We will explore movement pathways, moving from different parts of the body, movement qualities, transitions, theatrical elements, musicality, dynamic movement, and connecting with yourself as an artist as well as your audience.

This is a mixed apparatus workshop appropriate for all aerialists level 1b through advanced.


Must have at least 3-5 skills on their chosen apparatus that they can execute safely and with ease.
Willingness and curiosity to step outside the comfort zone, look weird or awkward, experience vulnerability and try new things.

Sunday, June 16th
10:30am – 1:30pm