New Moon offers a series of adult introductory-level drop-in classes open to anyone 18 and over who wants to try out an aerial class, spice up their workout routine, or begin working on a new apparatus. We call them the ABCs:  Aerial Basics Classes. Our ABCs are designed for students with no aerial experience. There are no fitness or strength requirements to take these classes – we all start at the beginning!

These classes are 1 hour long and include a structured ground warm-up, education in an apparatus-based shoulder warm-up, an introduction to climbing on a vertical apparatus, and skill instruction on the topic of that day’s class. The class topics are:

  • ABC 1: Footlock on Fabrics or Rope
  • ABC 2: Trapeze/Lyra Mounts
  • ABC 3: Inverting in the Sling and on Fabrics or Rope
  • ABC 4: Front Balance on Sling and Trapeze

Please be on time for class – the warm-up is important!  Students arriving more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed to participate.

We offer ABC classes multiple times a week on different days and at different times to try to accommodate a range of life schedules. You do not need to come to the same class every week, but the schedule is arranged so that if you do, you will cycle through all 4 class topics in a 4-week period. You can take the classes in any order, and as many times as you like. Students will graduate from ABC level and become eligible for level 1a session classes when they can demonstrate competency in all 4 class topics and are able to safely climb and descend a vertical apparatus (fabrics or rope). Most students will take all 4 classes at least twice each. Everyone moves at their own pace and students may take some classes more times than other classes depending on their personal strengths.



July/August 2024

Classes are $28. You may buy discounted points that can be used for this or any other drop-in class we offer. (See Pricing page for info about point cards.)

Signing Up

You must pre-register and pre-pay for class.  Classes are available for sign-up 2 weeks in advance, so keep checking back! We do often get cancellations so it’s always worth putting yourself on the waitlist if the class you want is full.

Registration closes 3 hours before class; if you miss the window, please email us to find out if there’s room for you and we’ll do our best to get you in.  We reserve the right to cancel any class with fewer than 3 people signed up.  If you sign up but don’t show up for class, we must sadly charge you for it anyway – so please cancel at least 12 hours before class if your plans change.

If you’ve never trained at New Moon before, you can register for your first ABC class using this handy form or by clicking the button below. You will need to sign our release form before class. Please do this before you arrive at the studio.

 if you are a first-time visitor

If you already have a New Moon account, you can use the button below to register for class, or just login to you account and click on “Register for Drop-In Class”. Make sure to select the ABC class on the date you want – there may be several listed!

 if you have been to at least one class with us already

ABC classes are for adults 18 and older. Youth introductory classes are available here.