Jen Ryan

Before discovering circus, Jen (she/her) was a soul divided- an artsy weirdo with a passion for athletics. She worked at a rock climbing gym to support herself through art school and ran marathons when she wasn’t teaching art to teenagers. Then, one day, Jen saw a circus performance at a science-fiction convention and her two worlds collided. “Omg!” she thought, “You can be artistic and athletic at the same time!” She was dazzled by the efficiency of this prospect. Serendipitously, a circus school opened in Boston shortly thereafter.

Since that time, Jen has moved from east coast to west coast and up to the PNW, with some international stints in between. She seizes every opportunity to train wherever she goes, picking up new styles, approaches, and theories. Jen tries to impress upon her students that circus is the place where you can have it all- strength, beauty, creativity, discipline, and all the weirdness you can imagine.


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