One-Off Classes Over Break Week!

Our March/April session ends on Sunday, April 28th and we’ve got a whole week before classes resume for the May/June session. But fear not! We’ve got all sorts of opportunities for you to get your aerial kick that week – maybe even something brand new to try…

All classes during break week (4/29 – 5/5) are one-off, drop-in classes. Here’s what we’ve got in store!

Meat Hook Conditioning for Lyra (suffer with Nina before she moves back to Europe!)
Intro to Dance Sling
(learn to use the floor… and the air!)
Mixed Level Dance Sling, 1b and above (learn some fun choreo with Wei Low!)
Old Skool Rope 2c (Bev teaches the stuff we don’t see much these days)
Intro to Flying Pole
(a rare chance to try flying pole at New Moon!)
Intermediate Flying Pole 
Choose Your Own Adventure
(with choice comes consequence. choose wisely.)
Spin Theory and Technique for Lyra and Sling 
(level 2a or instructor approval)
Intro to Straps
(wondering if straps is right for you? give it a try…)
Straps: Roll-Up Conditioning (know for sure straps is right for you? make it worse.)
Intro to Dynamic Skills on Vertical (there’s more to it than beats… for students 2b and up)
Lyra Skills Review: Levels 1a and 1b
(our usual ABCs but at different times)

You can find the full listing of break week classes, plus links to register, here:

If you’d like more info about any of our break-week classes, drop us a line at

In addition to our break-week classes, we’ve also got some fun workshops coming up. Expect more detailed info soon, but for now check out

Thanks everyone! See you in the air!

Jen Ryan


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