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In addition to our regular session and drop-in classes, we also often offer workshops, either by guest instructors or our own staff. Workshops offer the opportunity to delve deeply into a specific concept, or to work with a new instructor who may not often be available to you. Watch this space for upcoming workshops! 

The Poetry of Circus Movement


by Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown

Jan 13th 9:30am-11:30am and 12:00pm-2:00pm (4 hours)

Cost: $140

Apparatus: All

Prereq: Intermediate and above aerialists age 15 and over

Each body tells its story through posture, gesture, form and rhythm, in short, through physical behavior. As aerialists our bodies are the medium, our technique is the vocabulary, and our quality of movement is the poetry. This class is designed to work on the poetry of circus movement—to take your technique beyond sweet tricks and into the never-ending research of individual expression. We will approach creative movement from a systematic angle: rhythm, levels, relationship to the space, and body awareness. The base is in physical theatre, contemporary circus, and contemporary dance. The work involves a good amount of guided improvisation on the ground and in the air, and is suitable for aerialists of all technical levels as long as they have the physical preparation to hang out upside down for a while.

Class includes:

– Warm up

– The first half of the class is quality of movement and rhythm exercises on the floor

– The second half is quality of movement and individual technical research exercises in the air

– Cool down and stretching


Comfortable and thick work-out clothing that covers the body. (Leggings on the hearty side, torso covering, long-sleeve option)
Ages 15 and up
This class is for intermediate aerialists and some physical preparation is required.

Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown discovered circus in 2009 in the nightlife of New York. She began learning and performing aerial in classes and cabarets at The House of Yes and The Circus Warehouse. In 2011 she moved to Europe to deepen her studies, and received her diploma in Aerial Rope from La Flic Scuola di Circo in Turin in 2013. Since then she has dedicated herself to artistic research, circus shows, travel, and sharing what she learns. She has a long creative collaboration with Natalie Oleinik and the collective Catalyst, with whom she created the show “Amygdala”. She worked with MagdaClan Circo for the show “È Un Attimo” and numerous other projects. She currently is collaborating with Collectif And Then… on the site-specific show “No Man’s Land”, and has lots more projects in the pipeline!